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Second Baptist Church LA


March 22, 2020

The first Sunday we were not able to gather in our sacred space March 22, 2020.

The liturgical calendar year is a reflection of life experiences and situations in their cyclic
variety. We begin with joy (Advent) and move quickly to be awakened to the challenging reality
of living with a growing awareness of life (Epiphany) through the development of life which
requires discipline (Lent). Lent is that forty day period prior to Easter that began on Ash
Wednesday, February 26. We are in that season of the year now. Interestingly, during this
season we find ourselves facing a pandemic panic occasioned by the corona virus (Covid-19)
which prevents us from gathering for worship in our sacred space.
Lent is that time of the year where we realign our allegiances / reassess commitments / refresh
our memories / reorder our priorities / and refocus our direction. Life is about allegiances,
commitments, memories, priorities, and direction. We are now reminded of the essentials of life
and well-being and what is really important in life. We are brought to recognize that we are a
global community and there is only one family, the human family and what threatens one
threatens all. With the pandemic panic we are made aware that we have taken so much for
granted. Now we have to discipline ourselves to realize that we are not self-sufficient in
ourselves but globally interdependent as one community and one family, the human family,
regardless of race, creed, color, class, orientation etc. We are all interdependent on one another
for our existence, survival and well-being. More often than not we suffer the consequences of
our choices of arrogance, greed, insensitivity, negligence, selfishness and you name it, creating
the environment for all sorts of our destructive behavior. With all relationships there are rules,
regulations and restrictions to maintain and sustain the relationship. Violating the rules,
regulations and restriction that are in place rupture the relationship and wreaks havoc and ruin.
Now is a good time with the loss of life and economic instability to realign our allegiances /
reassess our commitments / refresh our memories / reorder our priorities / and refocus our
direction. In preparation for Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday (Easter) we are made aware
that redemption, restoration, and renewal are all possible in what God does to circumvent with
the gift of the life, teachings and sacrifice of Christ. What God provides in Christ circumvents
the consequences of our choices that unravel life, security and well-being with a new beginning.