Second Baptist Church LA


Mrs. Diane MyrickDirector of the Music Department

Mission Statement: Our mission is service through which we are to serve, exalt, rejoice, gain victory, be imitators of God, be committed to the Lord, and excel! It is our privilege to glorify Jesus Christ by allowing Him to use us as a tool in preparing the hearts of the congregation for the preaching of the Word of God, and to assist the Pastor in winning souls into the Kingdom of Christ for worship and other services, as requested.

Senior Ministry:
Patricia Royal, Chair
Men's Breakfast Club:
Samuel E. Williams, President
Berean Bible Class:
Rev. Barbara Melancon, Lead Teacher 
Fisherman Bible Class:
Rev. Lois King, Teacher
Youth Ministry:
Korey Pugh, Youth Leader

Angel Tree

​Sherryl McDonald

Back to School

Sherryl McDonald

Music department

The Mission of the Diaconate Ministry is to assist the Pastor with the spiritual welfare of the church, the care of the poor and visiting the sick; to serve communion and be at service during repasts.

The Goal:To help build a better world and to live up to the name, "Christian Women on the Move".

- Mrs. Nora Freeman-Cole, First President


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Mission Statement: Organized in 1887, The Trustee Ministry: Is organized as a position of trust, authority and responsibility.  It is a group of decision makers who have authority to care for the church’s buildings, financial status and reputation. They oversee the Strategic Plan and Phases.

Future endeavor: Homeless Housing Development   

Christian education



Children’s Ministry:
Barbara E. Terrell, Chairperson
Recruiter League:
Pamela Bizzell, President
Henderson Bible Class:

Life’s Journey Bible Class:
Sharon Martin, Teacher

Hospitality Committee: 

Eleanor Elkins, Chairperson

Sound Ministry:

Helen J. Starks, Coordinator

Grief Recovery

Dr. Kathleen Watkins

usher ministry




Christian Education:Reverend Venus Butler, Coordinator

Mission Statement: To facilitate learning and the acquisition of Christian Knowledge.

The platforms are:

Sunday sermons

Sunday School

Vacation Bible School

Weekly Teleconference Bible Lessons

Christian Education & Theological Education Emphasis Sunday

Mrs Cassandra Harris, Chief Usher


 2412 Griffith Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90011   (213) 400-877

trustee ministry

Senior Usher Board

Usher Board # 2

Youth Usher Board

Children's Usher Board

Altar Guild:

Natlieth Smith, President
Breast Cancer Support:

Diane Myrick, Founder
Media & Technology Ministry:

Regina Kimbell, Manager
Health & Wellness Ministry:

Dr. Diane Moseberry, Chair
Memorial & Historical Commission:

Dr. Lorn Forster, Chair
Community Relations Commission:

Phyllis Junor, Chair
Veterans Ministry:

Roderick Ray, Coordinator